October 10, 2015

My Pitaya has Ripen

After the fruit has been fully grown, all I need is to wait for it to ripe and have a taste.

One of my colleagues has ideas in growing pitaya or dragon fruit. So I asked when will it be okay to pick the fruit since early this week I started noticing some pink parts on the fruit already. According to him, thirty days after the flower has bloomed, the fruit will be ready for harvest.

Finally, I harvested the fruit and take my first bite on it last night and that is exactly 30 days nga.

Fresh Dragon Fruit for dessert

How did it look like before harvesting the fruit? Here it is:

On October 04, 2015, a very light pink streaks started to appear on the scales.

Dragon Fruit with light pink 
The development of the pink color is very fast that on the following day, the entire fruit is already turning pink.

October 05 - the entire fruit is getting pinkish

The next day, the the color is more intense and becomes darker on the next two days.

October 06 - the entire fruit is already pink

October 07 - the color intensifies

On October 08, 2015, exactly thirty days since the flower bloomed, I harvested and take the first bite of the fruit.

Ready to harvest dragon fruit

By the way, here is the complete photos from bud to the ripe fruit.

Though I harvested only one fruit it is worthy enough once I took the first bite. I will just wait and hope that next fruiting season, another fruit will be harvested from my Pitaya.

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