September 16, 2015

My Pitaya has Bloomed

For about two years, the cuttings of pitaya or Dragon fruits I planted in a pail has grown and recently started its first bloom.

I tried to document the process of developing its flower thru series of photos. However, I haven’t framed the first few days of it.

At first, I thought it was just another bud for a new branch but after five days, it is different from the usual. The bud is rounded and about 2-3 inches.

Pitaya Flower Bud

After 6 days, the it became longer and started to get slender.

Pitaya Flower Bud

The flower grows rapidly and after another 4 days, the flower is already visible.

Pitaya Flower Bud

Two days more, here it is.

Pitaya Flower

After another two days, I was surprised how it looked when I came home from work. Matthew told me that it was a corn. Does it really look like one?

Pitaya Flower about to Bloom

The flower might be full bloom that night so I patiently waited and took a photo of it.  Isn’t it lovely?

Full Bloom Pitaya Flower at night
The following day, the flower started to wilt.

Full Bloom Pitaya Flower the next morning

Isn’t it lovely? You can see other photos of its flower on my Captured Moments.

Now, I am waiting for its fruit. I am going to share another series of photos of its fruit development.

Have you grown your pitaya at your place?

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