September 26, 2015

My Pitaya Bears Fruit

Few weeks after sharing the photos of my dragon fruit flower, here is the progress on the fruit it bears.

The day after the flower has in full bloom, here it looks like:

The wilted Pitaya flower (Spetember 11, 2015)

The flower wits and after few more days, it dried with the base of keeps on clinging on the stem. By looking at its appearance, it is difficult to figure how the fruit will develop.
The dried Pitaya flower (Spetember 15, 2015)
After few days, the remaining base of the flower starts to swell.

The base started to swell (Spetember 19, 2015)

 Just like how fast the flower develops, the fruit is developing almost the same rate.

The fruit is already visible (Spetember 22, 2015)
This morning, here is looks like. It seems that the fruit is already fully developed and I will just wait until it ripens and ready to eat.

The fully developed Pitaya fruit (Spetember 16, 2015)

I will keep to documet the development of the fruit and will make an update soon.

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