November 25, 2014

Kitchen Improvement Plan

Two weeks ago, Mommy and I had a major clean-up in our kitchen. We tried to keep it more organized by separating the things I used in cooking and baking from the common tools I used in the kitchen.

We also disposed some items that are not used anymore like the old sippy cups and feeding tools of Matthew when he was still a “baby”. Though most of it are still in good condition and can be used by other, we decided to put it in disposal and wait for the magbo-bote.

Source: OVIS
One area in the kitchen that has a lot of unused space is the cabinet under the counter and sink. This space is only used to store laundry tools, like detergent and bleach. I am thinking furnish the area so it will be use as additional storage area for kitchen utensils. Also, I want to put pull out drawers where plates and dining utensils can be kept. This will make the counter-top more spacious. 

The space under the sink can be used to place a pull out waste container instead of placing trash can in an  obvious area in the kitchen area.

I hope I can make this project soon to add more fun working on my favorite "laboratory".

Do you have home improvement plans too?

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