July 13, 2014

Family Day Sunday: Stand out from Gray

Here is my last entry for the week. I make the background in GRAY leaving the main subject colored for additional emphasis.

"You're dead if you aim only for kids.
Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."
- Walt Disney

"As kids we're not taught how to deal with success;
we're taught how to deal with failure.
If at first you don't succeed,
try, try again.
If at first you succeed,
then what?"
- Charlie Sheen

The first photo is taken during Matt's birthday while the second was captured on his summer class graduation.

I agree with the second quotation. We usually hear that we should not be afraid to fail because we can try until we hit our goals but when we succeed in our first try, what we should do next? Based on experience, we should not stop on that instead we can aim higher for further improvement.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I like the monochrome with a colored subject. I used to do that in a point and shoot :)

  2. Nice pictures! Having gray background definitely give more emphasis to the subject.

  3. How did you create that effect for your shots? Is it a special feature on your camera or a photo editing software?

  4. Matt is just so adorable! ..and I love the title of this post! :)