July 22, 2020

Samsung AirDresser for Clothing Care

Aminin nyo mga Momshs, nakakapraning ang panahon ngayon. Kung pwede ka maligo ng alcohol gagawin mo. Yung mga damit naman na ginagamit natin sa labas lalo na pagkagaling sa crowded palces like groceries e kulang na lang i-oven mo to make sure there's no germs, bacteria or viruses on it na.

But no worries na mga Momshs, because Samsung introduces AirDresser—an all-new appliance that provides a hassle-free way to keep your clothes, including professional uniforms, sanitized and fresh at all times.

I just hope it's affordable. Anyway, you can check out its sulit features from the Press Release Kit:

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Professionals in every industry have uniforms or specific outfits based on the company’s dress code. For doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers, most especially the medical scrubs and lab coats that are worn everyday. These may come in different colors and sizes but it is undeniable that these often get exposed to bacteria.

In treating patients and spending whole days inside the hospital, as well as other frontliners, it is very important to keep uniforms clean and sanitized at all times. Keeping this in mind, Samsung Digital Appliances launches the AirDresser. This latest home innovation uses powerful air and steam to get rid of dust and germs and even sanitizes the clothes, gently dries them, and smoothes wrinkles.

Innovative Features

The AirDresser possesses a handful of features that keep clothes fresh all day, making it always ready to wear. The process starts off with the Jet Air and Air Hangers that release powerful air to remove stubborn dust with only minimal noise and vibration—quiet enough to be placed anywhere inside the home, including the bedroom. Then the JetSteam sanitizes the clothes to get rid of bacteria, viruses, or allergens by infusing high-temperature steam into the fabric. It is the perfect tool for routine sterilization of clothes and many other household items such as linen and soft toys. 

Clothes are then dried using the Heat Pump Drying features which gently dries clothes at a low temperature, minimizing heat damage and shrinkage. The Wrinkle Care smoothes out wrinkles without ironing by using a combination of steam and air to relax the clothes. The AirDresser takes clothes to the next level with the Deodorizing Filter that freshens clothes, by breaking down the particles of odors caused by sweat, tobacco, and food. As a result, it also prevents odor to build-up inside the unit.

Samsung, AirDresser
Samsung AirDresser
Outstanding Benefits

The lifespan of these precious clothes increases as there is less need for frequent washing which can cause damage to the delicate fabric. Fancy clothes, especially intricate and sensitive garments, can also be cared for by the AirDresser—minimizing the need for professional services such as dry cleaning.

It also has a Self-Clean technology that sanitizes the AirDresser’s interior without the use of harsh detergents. This is done by a combination of heat, air, and steam. After 40 cycles, it notifies the users whenever it needs cleaning.

The AirDresser also helps save time when it comes to chores as using the JetSteam for example, takes less time and energy than having to clean clothes with a full wash and dry cycle. Or, repeat outfits confidently without thinking about bad odors or hygiene because of the Jet Air and Air Hangers’ ability to quickly remove dust off of the clothes.

Create a smarter home with modern appliances whose ultimate goal is to make life easier and safely clean.

The AirDresser is retailed at P129,995. Samsung Digital Appliances also has an ongoing Better At Home promo where up to 20% discounts can be availed. This promo runs from June 1 to August 31, 2020.

To know more about the AirDresser and other appliances, visit Samsung.com.ph.

By the way, Samsung has na on-going Digital Appliances sale. I want a new refrigerator na mas malaki, maybe the side by side one. Our Samsung refrigerator is almost 10 years na kasi and we need also a bigger one once baby #2 comes out.

Samsung Appliances, sale

Let me know kung nakabili kayo ng AirDresser ha? I will let you know naman kapag nakabili ako ng new ref.

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June 18, 2020

Father's Day 2020 Gift Ideas

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Five years ago, Father's day falls on the same date as this year - June 21. I also posted some gift ideas for dad's special day like leathers, gadgets, perfumes, wine and liquors, and musical tools.

We all know that buying gifts for Dads, Daddy, Papa, Tatay, Erpat, Pudra, or whatever we want to call them, is quite difficult.

Here are some ideas for every dad.

Disclaimer: These are only my idea.

Electronic Gadgets
There are many innovations in terms of technology today.

A simple bluetooth earphones like the one I got last month can be a good option too. Aside from listening music, I am using this during our teleconference meetings.

If your dad needs an upgrade on their mobile phones, this can the best time to get them one.

For Daddies that are into photography, there are Canon deals at Rakuten that you can choose either new camera body,  an upgrade on their lens, or additional accessories.

One of the most common gifts that Daddies received is clothing. This is not limited to polo shirts or trousers only.

You can also check for new slippers, wallets, leathers, or a pair of Converse All-Star sneakers.

Cooking Utensils
Some Daddies loves spending their spare time in the kitchen especially during the community quarantine. Handling them with simple cooking utensil sets, knife sets, or even an oven for them to bake.
knife, organizer

For a healthier option, wrapping an Airfyer is a good choice.
Philips Airfryer, Momaye Cooks, kitchen appliances, food, air fry food, air fryer, kitchen gadget,

Gardening Tools
Many, not only Daddies, are into urban gardening nowadays. Gardening tools and even seeds for their mini-garden will be a good pick.

Whatever gift we have in our mind, what is important is the reason of celebrating this - because of our father.
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June 10, 2020

Crochet Items from Mom and Dad Crochet

Most of us are looking for extra income aside from salary. What would be the best passive income that can we have while staying or working from home?

One advice that Mommy and I can give is to use your passion as a source of income.

Just like what we are doing. We are selling made-to-order crochet items like booties, headbands, hats, sandals, and many more.

Here are what we made a recently.

These hats is one of the best-sellers made to order in our shoppe. Now that we don't have made-to-order yet, I am making more of these with several sizes.
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Minnie Mouse Headband
Mom & Dad Crochet, crochet headband, Minnie Mouse,momayeshoppe, Mom & Dad Crochet, crochet, DIY, free crochet pattern, crochet pattern, crochet made to order,  crochet minnie mouse headband,

A Pair of Mickey Mouse Shoes
Another most-ordered item is this mickey mouse shoes. Mommy is the one doing this naman.
momayeshoppe, Mom & Dad Crochet, crochet, DIY, free crochet pattern, crochet pattern, crochet made to order,

Different Sandals
This sandals has an interchangeable flowers.
momayeshoppe, Mom & Dad Crochet, crochet, DIY, free crochet pattern, crochet pattern, crochet made to order,

While this off-white sandals with daisy flower details is another of the best-sellers. I will try to make a pattern of this one and share it soon. 
momayeshoppe, Mom & Dad Crochet, crochet, DIY, free crochet pattern, crochet pattern, crochet made to order,

We also make sandals for boys like this one.
momayeshoppe, Mom & Dad Crochet, crochet, DIY, free crochet pattern, crochet pattern, crochet made to order,

Miniature Hats
We finished 100 pieces of miniature hats. There are 14 color of these. 
momayeshoppe, Mom & Dad Crochet, crochet, DIY, free crochet pattern, crochet pattern, crochet made to order,

The buyer is happy and satisfied when she received these hats. She even requested us to make one that will fit her.

If your wish to order and check other designs, you can visit and message us at momayeshoppe at Shopee or Mom and Dad Crochet at Facebok
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June 3, 2020

The Rhinestone Art

We all knew that kids cannot go to school yet and most of them are already bored in our homes. 

Here is a suggestion that your kids, and parents as well, will enjoy doing. Rhinestone Art.
DIY, Rhinestone Art, home, home and living,

We got this from one of our blogger friends, Marie of Mommy Unwired. She sends this few years ago and ngayon lang naasikaso.

If you are a cross-stitch enthusiast, this may look familiar with you because Rhinestone art has the same concept with cross-stitch but easier and faster to have the finished product.
DIY, Rhinestone Art, home, home and living,

Instead of threads, multi-colored rhinestones are used. Every hue of rhinestone has a corresponding code.
DIY, Rhinestone Art, home, home and living,

A glued drill pen that is used to pick the rhinestone and placed it on the corresponding square in the canvass.
DIY, Rhinestone Art, home, home and living,

The pattern is already printed in the canvass called the rhinestone glue area. Each square has a legend where the corresponding rhinestone color is placed. 
DIY, Rhinestone Art, home, home and living,

The finished product gives a 3D effect.

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May 31, 2020

When LG Fully Automatic Washing Machine Shuts Down

This is another overdue post. I just want to share our experience when the LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine suddenly shuts off.
LG full-auto washing machine, LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine, LG washing machine, product review, review, unboxing, LG T2107VSPW,
LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine (LG T2107VSPW)
The unit gives many convenience to us since we don't have a househelp. However, after 4 months of using the unit, it stopped in the middle of washing. I tried the basic troubleshooting but it was unsuccessful.

I called the customer service and they immediately set a schedule for diagnosis. The following day, the technician arrived and found that the motherboard was burnt.

I asked what are the possible reason. The technician told me that closing the lid immediately after washing can be the cause of damage. Since the motor heats up, closing the lid will cause condensation of the air inside the unit and may go into the motherboard causing the short circuit. According to the technician, this is a common problem of most fully auto washing machines not only LG but other brands too.

I was advised that they are going to order the said part and replace it after 3-4 days. They arrived on the promised day with the motherboard.

After the replacement of the motherboard, the unit, still doesn’t work. No electricity is flowing inside the unit. They checked the fuse and it was busted. Again, they are going to order the said part and go back after 3-4 days.

They returned and replaced the fuse box. A red light is already observed in the motherboard as an indication that electricity is already flowing. However, the unit is still not working. There is a damage on the display this time, making the washer not functioning.

Again, for the third time, they are going to request for the replacement of the said part and will go back again after 3-4 days. The technician did not arrive on the said date so I made a follow-up through the LG Service and they promised to make a report on my concern. Also, their accredited technician is making an update to me. They said that the said part is not yet available.
LG full-auto washing machine, LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine, LG washing machine, product review, review, unboxing, LG T2107VSPW,

The continuous follow-up took two months and they kept on saying that the said part, the display panel, is not yet available since it is a rare part. They are going to request from the nearest Regional Area, which is South Korea.

Mommy Maye was already fed up with this reason. She made the next call to the customer service for two consecutive days and talked to the customer service manager which promised her that the unit will be fixed as soon as possible.

Two days after those calls, the part was immediately delivered and replaced.

If you are asking how much I spend on all the replacements and services? Nothing, the unit is still under warranty.

Take note the unit is just 4 months on the time we encounter the trouble. Good to share that now it is working already.
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