May 4, 2019

Hanaro Square Multi Roaster

Since Samgyeopsal is so uso and I am so kuripot (haha!), I bought this Hanaro Square Multi Roaster.

Seriously, it's not just Samgyeopsal and being kuripot that I bought this Hanaro Square Multi Roaster. I am really looking for a stove top roaster or griller because we like roasting and grilling. We love cooking at home kasi.

So when I saw this  Hanaro Square Multi Roaster at Lazada, I bought it right away.

I bought it at Php 1,259.00 + 50 shipping fee. The size of  Hanaro Square Multi Roaster is 32 cm or approximately 12.5 x 12.5 inches. It is coated with quadruple PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) and is double layered for better heat efficiency. 

Hanaro Square Multi Roasterhas has a hole at the center where you can discharge the excess oil.

You don't need oil because it's non stick. You can also use it to pan grill bread, like garlic bread or pizza.

You can use it on stove or portable stove. 

Hanaro Square Multi Roaster is perfect for samgyeopsal and home grilling or roasting!
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February 20, 2019

Road Trip to Wisconsin’s Best Waterparks

Wisconsin Dells is known as the waterpark capital of the world and can be a great road trip destination all year around. TripAdvisor ranks Wisconsin Dells top six of affordable spring break destinations, but you can also enjoy the Dells without ever going outside during the colder months! From floating down the lazy river to bowling or many other activities, it’s hard to run out of things to do. So, get your road trip plan in place and prepare the perfect vacation that the whole family will enjoy.

Road-tripping with the family can create extra memories and be more affordable.  You can also pack more things than you can on an airplane without all of the extra luggage fees.  Wisconsin is located in the middle of the United States, so it’s not really a bad drive no matter where you live in the States. Finding the right vehicle can be easy just by searching online.  You can find a suitable make and model of vehicle to fit the size of your family and your preferences. Make sure you bring snacks, your favorite music, and activities for the children to keep them busy and have fun.  Enjoying the drive adds on to the pleasure of the overall trip.

Award-Winning Waterparks

In 2015, the USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards voted many Wisconsin Dells attractions in the top ten for different categories. Wilderness Resort and Noah’s Ark Waterpark ranked one and seven for Best Outdoor Water Parks. Wilderness Resort, Kalahari Resort, and Great Wolf Lodge were ranked two, three, and four for Best Indoor Water Parks. Ransack Ridge, Tadpole Bay, and Fossil Falls ranked one, eight, and ten for Best Water Park Kids’ Areas. The Black Anaconda ranked six for the Best Waterslide. These statistics alone should show you just how amazing of a vacation destination this really is!

Fun for All

Amusement parks and rides can always provide fun for the kids, but there are many other things to do with the kids.  Knuckleheads Trampoline Park is a large space for children to burn up some energy and have fun while making new friends.  There is also a bowling alley with 24 lanes. There are many indoor and outdoor swimming areas and waterparks, so there is never a bad time to go swimming. There are over sixty kid-friendly restaurants to choose from for when your kids are hungry after all of the activities

While adults can also enjoy such things as roller coasters and bowling alleys, there is also a variety of nightlife to choose from. There are three different night clubs that can be enjoyed late in the night if you want to cut loose. Some feature live music, DJs, and there’s even one called Mama’s Garage that is referred to as the hottest outdoor entertainment spot in town.  There are also ten different fine-dining establishments to choose from and many casual dining places to choose from, so there is never a shortage of dining choices to suit your taste buds.

There is so much to do with the whole family at the Wisconsin Dells and many options for different budgets, so why not pack up the car and ride on over to the place that never runs out of fun?
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February 7, 2019

How to Pick the Right Bike for Your Kid

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Do you agree that teaching your kid how to ride a bike is an important activity? A lot of parents agree with this too. It can be saddening to see that a lot of kids do not enjoy physical activities anymore.

They are in front of their tablets or phones all the time because they play different games. Whenever parents propose biking, some kids just cannot be convinced.

If you have managed to convince your child to start learning how to ride a bike, congratulations! Not all parents will have the luck to make their children want to ride a bike. You can consider the type of bike that your kid needs. Are you going to ride your bike near the beach most of the time? The right kids beach cruiser bike will be available the moment that you start searching.

Finding men’s bike may be somewhat similar to searching for the right bike for kids but there are some differences that you need to focus on.

The Right Size

You should pick a bike depending on your child’s current size. Some parents make the mistake of choosing a bike that is too big for their kids. Their mindset is that the kids are going to grow and they would be able to use the bike by then. If the child does not know how to ride the bike, then the bike will be wasted. There are bikes that come at affordable prices so you do not have to spend too much money.

The Proper Design

There are some kids who will be happier about riding bikes with designs that they like. You can bring your child with you when you start searching for bikes. Another option is to have your kid’s bike customized. The child will definitely want to ride a bike that looks cool.

Training Wheels

Should you get bikes with training wheels or not? This would depend on your child’s capability to ride a bike. Training wheels are needed while your child tries to improve his balance. The moment that he already knows how then the training wheels can be immediately removed.

For parents, it will be useful to have hybrid bicycles that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. Hopefully, you have learned enough details that will help you choose the perfect bike for your kid’s needs.

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Motorcycle Tips to Know as a Motorcycle Rider

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What is the main reason why you have decided to ride motorcycles instead of cars? A lot of people will say that they think motorcycles are extremely cool. There are some who feel that they can reach the places that they want to visit in a short amount of time because they can zip through traffic with ease.

Riding the bike can be:
  • Fun
  • Cool
  • Fuel Efficient

When you ride your bike, you feel that you are invincible at times but you need to remember the reality that a lot of motorcycle drivers get into accidents. It also does not help that they are not fully protected whenever they get into an accident. You should make an effort to find discount helmets for motorcycles soon.

The success of some motorcycle riders who do not get into accidents is they make an effort to protect themselves. They check different parts of their motorcycle just to see if all the parts are working. The moment that they see that the tires are starting to look worn out, they immediately get cheap motorcycle tires as replacement.

These are other motorcycle tips that will help you stay protected while you are on the road:
  • Wear the right motorcycle gear. Non-bicycle riders often feel that they should not wear the right motorcycle gear all the time. No matter what the weather is, wearing shorts and a tee will not be appropriate especially if you want to be protected. Invest in motorcycle gear that you can wear for a long time.
  • Stay within your comfort zone. If you know that you would not be able to take motorcycle riding for hours, then there is no reason why you should do it now. You need to know what you can handle and your knowledge will help you stay safe.
  • You need to become aware of your surroundings and always use your head when checking the various paths you are going to traverse. Your mirror may be effective in helping you see some spots while riding but you can use your head while rounding corners to stay safe.
You should always be careful no matter what type of transportation you are riding. What if you want to ride your ATV? You can find atv tires for sale that will make sure that you will be more protected against potential issues while riding.

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January 3, 2019

What are the Best Pets to Soothe Anxiety?

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Anxiety is something that millions of Americans live with every day. In fact, the official figures for people over 18 living with anxiety stand at an astonishing 40 million! This condition can be agonizing for those who suffer from its effects and can severely affect the quality of life. Anxiety can cause everything from avoidant behaviors right up to devastating panic attacks. There is a range of treatment options for those affected by anxiety, however, not all of these work for everyone. Some may find that certain treatments may work for them, while others simply don't. 

In this article, we take a look at one of the newest and most effective treatment options that is available to anxiety sufferers: emotional support animals. These animals are a powerful, natural treatment for anxiety disorders and have been showing huge promise in the mental health care field. We give you all the information that you need to know on these superstar animals, along with the definitive guide to the best pets that can help to relieve anxiety, simply and effectively.

Anxiety: A Primal Malfunction

Anxiety disorders can be incredibly frustrating for those who suffer from them. To make things worse, the cause of anxiety is a natural function of the brain, that has spiraled out of control. Due to the evolution over time of the human race, our brains are wired for both modern and ancient functions. Anxiety disorders stem from the ancient parts of our brains known as the amygdala and hippocampus.

Of course, small doses of anxiety, our body's natural stress response, can be useful in some situations. Think about an exam or a job interview—these are examples where a small dose of anxiety can actually help to improve performance. But anxiety disorders are much more than a little adrenaline in an objectively stressful situation.

In most anxiety disorders, the amygdala and hippocampus are working against us, leading to an overproduction of stress hormones like cortisol in inappropriate situations.  

Treatments for Anxiety

There are both psychological and medical treatments available for anxiety today, however not every form of treatment is successful for everybody. Because there are a whole range of contributing factors that result in anxiety, no treatment is a one-size fits all for the condition.

Psychological treatments are often the first port of call for those that are struggling with anxiety.

Psychological Anxiety Treatments
Some of the psychological treatments that therapists employ to help their patients with anxiety include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
A talk therapy focused on modifying negative thoughts, behaviors and emotional responses associated with psychological distress.

Improves mental health and helps with relaxation.

Treatment of mental or behavioral disorders through talk therapy.

Animal Therapy
Animal therapy involves the use of animals to relieve the symptoms of anxiety.

Medical Anxiety Treatments
Medical treatments are often effective if psychological treatments alone do not work for a patient. Medical treatments for anxiety can include:

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI)
Eases symptoms of depressed mood and anxiety.

Relieves anxiety and tension. May promote sleep.

Prevents or relieves depression and elevates mood.

Causes drowsiness, calmness and dulled senses. Some types may become addictive.

Nerve pain medication
Blocks pain caused by damaged nerves.

Animal Therapy for Anxiety

One of the newest forms of therapy for anxiety that has been gaining popularity in recent times, is the use of animals. Animals have long been known to be a natural mood-booster for humans, assisting to encourage the brain release feelgood chemicals. Animals have also been shown to have incredible therapeutic effects, assisting in a range of ways to recuperate patients.

For anxiety in particular, therapy animals are excellent at altering the chemistry of the brain in a positive way, helping to alleviate its effects. They also provide a number of other benefits for patients.

Benefits of Animals for Anxiety Sufferers

Pets can help to fight mental illnesses in a number of ways. The benefits that animals can have for those with anxiety disorders are far-reaching and extremely beneficial for owners. Having a pet can help to provide a point of focus and even distraction for those with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Those with social anxiety disorder (SAD) may find that an emotional support animal may help them to reintegrate into social situations, with the pressure taken off them by their gorgeous pet. To find out more benefits of an emotional support animal for your specific anxiety disorder, talk to your therapist.

Getting a Therapy Animal

For those that suffer from anxiety, another key benefit of having a therapy animal is the ease and speed at which it is possible to begin using one of these exceptional animals. In order to get an emotional support animal, a patient must obtain an ESA letter in order to allow their therapy animal to accompany them when traveling and renting accommodation. To get an ESA letter, the best course of action is to talk to your therapist, either in-office or through tele-therapy, about using a pet for therapy purposes. Your therapist will draw up an ESA letter for you, and discuss how you can use a pet as part of your treatment plan to help relieve your anxiety.

Best Pets for Anxiety  

So, you've decided a pet is an awesome way to fight your anxiety. Good for you! But what is your ideal pet? These are the best pets to help with your anxiety disorder.


Dogs are the ultimate all-rounders when it comes to pets. Dogs are friendly, loyal and sociable. They are excellent to travel with, as they are great at adapting to any situation if well-trained and socialized. Dogs can provide a securing and protective presence to their owners, making them feel more confident in situations that they normally would not. Dogs can make excellent anxiety supports, however, they do have a few potential drawbacks, depending on your point of view.

Dogs are very co-dependent on their owners, which some may view as positive or negative, depending on their situation. They're extremely active, requiring a lot of exercise, meaning that they are not suitable for every owner. Dogs are also creatures that thrive on social interaction, so for those with extreme social anxiety, dogs may be an unsuitable choice.

Overall, dogs make excellent pets for those with mild to moderate anxiety, due to their fun-loving and protective nature. Look into ESA dogs!


Cats are quiet, affectionate and super easy pets to bring into your life. Many anxiety sufferers are sensitive souls, and the soothing company of a cat can be extremely healing.

Cats don't require a lot of exercise or space, so they are the perfect pet for those who are not in a position to provide much of either. For those with anxiety, cats can provide affection and companionship and encourage calm behavior.

Some of the drawbacks of cats are that they can sometimes be stand-offish and selective about when they would like to be touched. They can also be slightly harder to travel with due the fact that they cannot be trained as well as dogs. Cats can make excellent support animals for those with all types of anxiety because of their chilled out nature and love of pats, which help to calm their owners.


Rabbits are sweet little darlings that are ideal for small spaces and for those that love snuggling pets to relieve their anxiety. Interacting with rabbits can be soothing and almost meditative for their owners. Rabbits are extremely quiet, take up very little space and are great pet for those that suffer anxiety.

 Unfortunately, rabbits are fragile and require a high level of care (cage-cleaning) so this can be draw back for some. Rabbits do not require their owner to provide them with exercise, but they need a large hutch and access to shade, but warmth at night. Rabbits may be the right choice for those who need a quiet and small pet to help ease their anxiety.

If you have anxiety and other treatments are not working for you, it's definitely worth looking into an emotional support animal. Depending on your anxiety diagnosis, one of these pets could be the perfect aid and support to your mental health.

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