October 9, 2017

Sauteed Alamang (Shrimp Paste) Recipe

Whenever we go to our hometown, I see to it we buy lots of fresh vegetables. We also buys bagoong alamang or shrimp paste that I will saute.

bagoong alamang, mangoes, Philippine condiments, recipe, alamang guisado recipe

Bagoong alamang is made from fermented krill (alamang) with salt. 

bagoong alamang, mangoes, Philippine condiments, recipe, alamang guisado recipe

Bagoong alamang is one of the famous Philippine condiments that is sauteed with garlic, onion, tomatoes and pork fats. 

bagoong, alamang, mangoes, Philippine condiments, recipe, alamang guisado recipe

Sauteed alamang (shrimp paste) is best paired with mangoes!

bagoong alamang, mangoes, Philippine condiments, recipe, alamang guisado recipe

While most of the times, sauteed alamang is considered as condiments, there are other Filipino dishes where it can be used as ingredients like Kare-kare and Pork binagoongan.

Sauteeing alamang is just easy. I prefer raw alamang that is not too salty and has no bright colorings. If in case I bought one that is too salty, I will wash it with water first to remove the excess salt. 

Here's a simple Sauteed Alamang (Shrimp Paste) Recipe that you can follow.

1 cup of alamang or shrimp paste
2 medium tomato, diced
2 slices pork meat (optional), chopped to little pieces
1 small onion, minced
4 cloves garlic, minced
4 tablespoons brown sugar
3 teaspoons vinegar

1. Heat a pan. Add the pork and sear until brown and the oil comes out.
2. Add onion, garlic and tomato then saute for 5 minutes in low heat.
3. Add the raw shrimp paste, sugar and vinegar. Let the vinegar cooked first before covering.
4. Cover and cook in low hear for 10-15 minutes, with occasional stirring.
5. Let it cool and transfer to a serving bowl and serve.

That easy! Oh, I am craving for mangoes now!!!

bagoong alamang, mangoes, Philippine condiments, recipe, alamang guisado recipe
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October 6, 2017

Chemist Dad on Weight-Loss

It is more than a year since I started my weight-loss regime. After a year of struggles and sacrifices, I hit the scale from 190 pounds to 165 pounds. It was a great achievement on my fitness goal.

I can already wear some of my shirts and even pants that have been kept in the closet for a long time.

During the first month, I have been struggling and trying different but healthy ways. I tried the modified military diet which limits the amount of daily calorie intake but it seems to fail because I started craving for more food. So I stopped my journey on hitting my goal. Instead of losing weight, I gain more pounds.

Many saw the results of my weight-loss journey. They kept on asking "What did you do?", "How long for you to hit that weight?", "Did you go to the gym regularly?" 

To answer these questions, here are some ways that I think helped in putting me close to my target.

Less rice.
Limiting, not eliminating, rice intake made a great impact on achieving my goals. From the usual 2 cups of rice, or even more kapag gusto ko ang ulam, gradually decreases to 1 ½ to a maximum of 1 cup especially on dinner. 

Now, I am consuming one cup of rice for breakfast, three-fourths for lunch, and a half for dinner.

I did not remove rice in my meal because according to some nutritionist, you need to sustain it or else it will make you gain more weight when you go back to the normal diet.

Balanced meal.
Balance meal for me does not mean that every meal should be complete with meat and vegetables. I just make sure that whenever I take meat on one meal, I have veggies on the next one, or vice-versa.

For example, if I have chicken afritada for lunch, I make sure that our dinner is veggies like pinakbet or chopsuey.

Sometimes, I used to replace my usual snack with fresh fruits. An apple or a banana is a good alternative for bread.

Less soda or fruit juices.
We know that soda and ready-made fruit juices are high in sugar. If not burned, it will turn into fats. 

Again, i did not omit these items in my meals, I just lessen it. Whenever I crave for these, I drink a glass or lesser just to satiate my taste buds. 

Green tea and lots of water.
Normally, I drink a cup of coffee with my breakfast. I replaced it with green tea since I am having a cup of coffee during our break time. I think this one made an impact in reducing my belly area.

Taking 8-10 glasses of water is not only essential in our system but water has zero calories so it is safe to drink more than the recommended amount especially on hotter days.

After a month of modifying my food intake, about 10 pounds were shed on my weight. This motivates me to continue what I am doing.

This time, I included daily routine exercise like abdominal crunches and weight lifting to tone my arms and tuck my tummy. But adding these activities might slow down weight loss because of gaining muscles.

Speaking of exercise, one thing you need to consider is what you are going to wear on such activity. I suggest that you should pick the one that you will be comfortable to move and do your moves. 

One place that you can check Fabletics. This brand offers a lot of choices on comfortable, affordable and fashionable athletic outfits.

Losing weight really needs a lot of discipline and even you hit your goal, you need to continue what you are doing to maintain at your goal.

After hitting my goal I stopped some of the activities above like rice intake and exercise. Few day ago, I tried to check my weight and to my surprise I marked the scale at 182 pounds. That is just eight pounds from my previous weight.

I really need to get back on the track I had before.

What is the status of your weight-loss goal?
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July 26, 2017

What is Your Dream Family Car?

Sponsored Post.

An SUV, van or sedan?

If you will ask me what my dream family car is, I would answer a van. It will always be my first choice. Why? Because it's spacious and can contain so much, haha. Seriously, comfort when travelling is on top my list why I would want a van like this.

2018 Chevrolet City Express, van, family car
2018 Chevrolet City Express
A van is spacious, hence you will be more comfortable especially during long trips. You can actually bring the entire family along. Aside that you can bring many things and you can also put additional things you can buy along the way during road trip. 

However, my husband would answer a different car. He always tell me how he loves to have a pick-up truck like this one.
2016 Ford F-450, pick up truck, family car
2016 Ford F-450
Whenever we saw such pick-up truck, he would always tell me that's his dream car. I ask him why, he told me pick-up looks manly and stylish. He also added that aside from the manly style, having the cargo bed at its back is a factor why he would like to own one. He has a point because if you have pickup truck, moving from one place to another is easier and cheaper. Also, you can save for delivery fee if you shop for new furniture or appliances.

But wait, we still have a little boy whose opinion matters too. He would probably want a sports car like this.
2017 Dodge Viper, family car, dream car, sports car
2017 Dodge Viper
Why? He loves McQueen! As simple as that, haha.

Whatever brand or style of car you have in mind, don't forget to do research first. Digital automotive site like Cars.com will be of great help. At Cars.com, you can find different local dealers and sellers. You can also do research and compare cars' prices, specifications, safety features and a lot more. Comprehensive set of research tools and consumers reviews are available too.

Hopefully, in the near future, we can buy our dream family car. It can be one of the above or all of them, in God's time. 

How about you, what's your dream family car?
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July 11, 2017

DIY Despicable Me "Minions" Bookmark Birthday Invitation

Almost a month ago, our little boy celebrated his 7th birthday. He had a pre-birthday celebration at McDonalds and a DIY Babababababanana "Minion" Party on his birthday.

For his Minion Party, I made this Despicable Me "Minions" bookmark birthday invitation.

DIY, Despicable Me, Minions, bookmark birthday invitation

Making these super cute bookmark invitation is so easy. You can download this template I made. (Right click on the photo and save as image)

DIY, Despicable Me, Minions, bookmark birthday invitation

And put the birthday details like this.

DIY, Despicable Me, Minions, bookmark birthday invitation

For editing, I use PhotoScape software that you can download for free here. Then, I paste this on a word document, format the size (approx 6.21x2.5") to print atleast 4 invitations in one A4 size bond paper.

DIY, Despicable Me, Minions, bookmark birthday invitation

Print and cut like these.

DIY, Despicable Me, Minions, bookmark birthday invitation

After cutting, measure about 6 inches of black yarn for the tassel.

DIY, Despicable Me, Minions, bookmark birthday invitation

Punch in a hole on top of each bookmark invitation and insert the string like this.

DIY, Despicable Me, Minions, bookmark birthday invitation

And your done!

DIY, Despicable Me, Minions, bookmark birthday invitation

Easy peasy right? You have a DIY Despicable Me "Minions" bookmark birthday invitation.
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July 1, 2017

A Quick Visit to Our Old School

Last weekend we went to our hometown as per Daddy A's lola's request. She's currently with us looking after Matthew because we still can't find a house help. It was just a quick trip because the next day we went home na din since Matthew had a Pedia's appointment for his annual flu vaccine. But before we go home, we had a quick trip to our old school.

This is DepEd CLSU Elementary school where Daddy and I spent our grade school years.

DepEd CLSU Elementary school

There are so many changes but that front stage remained the same. Looking at it, I can't help but remember my grade school days. Every morning we were lining up to have our flag ceremony that includes singing the national anthem and Panatang Makabayan. Sometimes there were small programs where selected students showcased their dancing or singing talents.

I can't forget when we were practicing our Sabayang Pagbigkas piece. It was my first time to perform in front of many people. I was a shy girl then and while performing I can;t help but tremble. Good thing the guitar music background like that gibson firebird at musiciansfriend.com helped me relaxed and made it through.

The building next to it naman was also our old school where we went for highschool. There were changes too but the old building is still there.

DepEd CLSU Elementary school

Then our little boy brought us to this part of the school.

Where Daddy A's donation were. (Read: Re-visiting Elementary Alma Mater)

Our little boy always tell us that his Daddy's name was written on these benches.

He must be proud of his Dad.

He also asked me to took photo of him in front of this Makabayan Park.

And this Solar System mural.

I will never forget this pathway where we always walked through during college days.

Finally, the best part of going home is bringing a box of fresh vegetables.

That's our short and quick trip. Looking forward to visiting other places in my old school.

Happy weekend!
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