April 11, 2018

What Kind of Support can a Candidate expect from Beacon Resources?

As many recruiters California has to offer, they will all tell you the level of support you can receive from accounting headhunters varies from agency to agency. One staffing firm might give very little support, while a business such as Beacon Resources offers so much support that candidates consider them long-term partners. Here is a look at this concept.

The idea of a long-term partnership

Companies tend to change and evolve, and so do the employees who work for them. Perhaps an employee needs to move or would prefer to take on more responsibility. Maybe an employee wants to explore a new aspect of the field or desires to explore telecommuting options. Perhaps someone wants to move from part time to full time or vice versa.

In other words, it is rare for someone in this day and age to get hired and to stay in the exact same position for life. Beacon Resources helps many job candidates find employment, and when they are ready for yet another change or for the next step, Beacon can quickly help them find new opportunities. This is possible because of the long-term partnership concept. For example, recruiters with Beacon provide candidates with general job search preparation, ideas for making their resumes more effective and advice on how they can interview better. Beacon focuses on finding the best possible matches between employers and employees and not just on putting a warm body in a seat.

Active and passive job searching

If you are thinking about making a job move, you can contact Beacon and get a feel of the job market and what you might need to do to land the position you want. Going it alone can be intimidating, and partnering with Beacon helps you broadcast your skills to a deep pool of employers. You can search actively or passively, whichever you prefer.

To get in touch with an executive recruiter today, submit this online form for Beacon Resources.

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April 7, 2018

9 Ways to Customize your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life. Its value, décor, and style is obviously important to you as it is also your sanctuary and place of comfort. Often, we get bored with the original designs of our home, and we wish for something new. Renovating your home can become an exciting project that will add value to your investment, while also providing you with an extra incentive to put in overtime hours at work. In this article, you will learn nine ways to customize your home, without breaking the bank.

home, home and living, home beautification, home improvement, DIY,

1. Paint your door- this is a great way to add style and class to your home. Your front door is the gateway to your castle, so make it something that establishes your uniqueness in the neighborhood. Very often, we see the traditional brown or white doors. Why not try red, blue or yellow for additional flair?

2. Change your Kitchen Cabinets- your cabinets are a big selling point when purchasing a home. Install customized cabinets that will match the new theme and energy. While you’re at it, make sure to contrast your new cabinets with a complementary backsplash.

3. Change up the light fixtures- your lights are a great way to add a unique touch to your house. Go to your local home improvement show, and take a look at how you can add different lighting features in your home. The brighter, the better!

4. Add Shutters to your windows- try contrasting the shutters on your windows to match your bright new door. Shutters are a great way to add an additional welcoming feel to your home.

5. Paint the Walls- with a few well-placed walls of paint, the inside of your home can transform into something wonderful. Rather than paint all four walls the same color, try painting only one! The unique color will create contrast within your house.

6. Add a rug area- purchase an extravagant rug for your living room to add a touch of flair, but make sure that it matches the décor of your home.

7. Match your Furniture- once you have your new rug, try to buy at least one piece of furniture that stands out from the rest. Place it near your window or fireplace for added effect.

8. Hang Artwork- nothing screams “personalized home” more than a unique piece of artwork. Hang it over your fireplace or place it in the entryway, so it’s the first thing you notice once you walk through your brand-new door.

9. Decorate your Stairs – this is a wonderful tip that is rarely used: try painting your staircase with contrasting colors on alternating steps. Doing so is sure to add a unique style to your home.

Bonus Tip: Customizing your garage can also add tons of style and value to your home. Installing some basic cabinets, painting the floor, and adding some rugs are quick and easy jobs.

Your residence is meant to match your style and personality. Use these nine tips to make your home stand out from the crowd. These creative strategies will go a long way to relieve stress, while also contributing to the increased value of your greatest investment.

There you go. Any suggestions, would love to hear from you too.

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February 19, 2018

Felt Cloth Bow Hair Clips and Headbands

Hello! It's been a long time since I posted here. But I am back to share another DIY!

I have many felt cloths, headband and clip accessories and tools. Because I have no time, I stop doing DIYs. But since my sister is here with us, I teach her how to make felt cloth bow hair clips and headbands so she will not get bored during her spare time.

craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

I already shared the pattern for this felt cloth bows.

craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

My sister made felt cloth bow clips in different colors.

craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

These felt cloth bow hair clips are sold at 30.00 pesos only per pair.

craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

And also felt cloth bow headbands.

;craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

We are selling this headband for only 20.00 pesos each.

craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

She also made name headbands for her daughter and our nieces.

craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

So nice right?

craft, do it yourself, felt cloth, felt cloth bows, felt cloth headbands, Felt with love by Mom Maye, Headbands,

That's all for now. Hopefully next time I can share more!

For more felt cloth accessories, please visit Felt with Love by Mom Maye
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December 22, 2017

Encouraging Dental Health The Calm Way

Dental health is a very important aspect of your holistic health, with the importance of good dental habits starting in childhood. Not looking after your mouth can cause cavities, tooth loss and abscesses in the short run; and in the worst case, degenerative disease and life-threatening illness in the future. 

However, it’s not that difficult to look after your teeth - in fact, it’s quite simple.

The tricky part for parents is trying to motivate their children into seeing dental hygiene as a good thing to do, rather than a chore. Over the course of this article, you’ll see some key ways to create a strong foundation for your family’s dental health, and clever tricks to help your kids see the right way about things.

The Foundations
Family dental health will consist, for most families, of two key aspects: at home hygiene, and regular dentist checkups. It’s important for everyone in the family to have full dental care services available to them. This is especially important as sometimes you can’t discern if damage is being done to your teeth - OK, you stay away from sugar and brush and floss regularly, but heartburn could be causing residual damage that only your dentist can tell you about.

At home, it’s key to brush, floss and minimize damaging foods. This can be a struggle to help children see the benefit of.

Emphasizing Brushing and Flossing
First off, the worst way to get your kids to keep their teeth clean is through scare tactics. Scary stories will come unstuck one day, and breed resentment or totally destroy the message you’re trying to get across. Similarly, anger is only likely to provoke a rebellious reaction. Instead, use constant positive encouragement; make the situation a fun one, perhaps with a favored stuffed animal or through dancing and sing-song. Psychologically turn brushing into a great fun situation.

Staying Away From Sugar and Snacks
The key here is to set an example. Don’t be reaching for Starbucks as your go-to coffee; you might be having it black, but your kids, wife, husband or partner might only see the sugar laden recipes and think you’re a fan of those. The same goes for snacks - make a conscious effort to show your family that you can enjoy sweet treats that are delicious and less likely to rot teeth, like low-in-acid fruit.

Dental hygiene is no joke and you owe it to yourself and your family to keep it all in order. It isn’t difficult, though, and all you need to do is calmly and positively show how habits can be built.
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December 13, 2017

How To Learn To Forgive: How Not To Keep Insults

Every person in his life experienced an insult, the feeling of which hurts not so much a wrongdoer as the offender himself. Indeed, it is often also the case that students are offended by their teachers due to a poor grade for essay writing, etc. The art of forgiveness can come to help in such a situation, which everyone can learn.

How do insults affect a person?

An insult worsens life.
Unforgivable images significantly degrade the quality of our lives. Remembering every day the details of the act from which we stopped believing in human honesty, kindness, ability to help and understand, we are doing worse for ourselves, blocking our right to happiness by negative thoughts and emotions.

An insult is a barrier to solving difficulties.
Inability to forgive offences - this is a kind of escape from the difficulties. It's much easier to grow up in your soul anger on a person, feeding his own insult, rather than finding in himself the forces to let go of the negative that sowed within us. In any case, you only feel discomfort from the insult. You can only save yourself from this discomfort by thesis writing of your causes of anger.

An insult is a way of manipulating.
Very often the image is used for manipulation. The one who is offended by his dissatisfaction attempts to cause feelings of guilt to another person to achieve his own goals.

The insult is the source of anger.
An image, like any suffering, causes a protective behaviour. The most common manifestations of such behavior are escape and attack. But, as it is difficult to escape from the image, the attack tactic is chosen. In addition, the image causes anger. Feeling anger, the pain from the insult is muffled somewhat, but it does not disappear. At the same time, all thoughts focus on how to pay the offender the same coin.

If the offender is a person close to us, then there is an internal conflict: “Anger at the one whom I love.” This conflict constrains us from an apparent attack, but we are attacking the offender in our head. The aggression directed toward us destroys our body and causes disease.

So if you want inner peace, try to forgive yourself and others. So what is the technique to overcome anger?

This procedure should be carried out with you when nobody cares about you.

The first stage.
If you have an insult to a certain person and you cannot release a conflict situation, constantly think about it and blame someone in your thoughts, and the opportunity to directly talk with the person who offended you is absent.  At the first stage of the implementation of this technique, allow yourself to write out any emotions that you feel to the offender. Do not be restrained.

Write about your anger, aggression, discontent, sadness. After all your emotions are written down on paper, postpone writing paper and just stay in solitude - let your thoughts settle down.

The second stage.
Writing Answers. After a few days or the next day, sit down and write an answer letter from the person to whom you wrote the letter. In this letter write all that you would like to hear from your offender in real life. Let there be a response to all your claims and questions that you expressed in your first letter.

Repeat this algorithm every other day. Writing custom descriptive essay can be quite long (it depends on the depth of the insult and the number of claims).

In the process of writing letters, you feel those old feelings really, you live them and you no longer need to restrain yourself. That's why the relief comes, the ball of disappointment blows away.
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